Pendlebury Hair Studio has temporarily moved all operations to our sister salon Heritage Hair Studio at 1300 S Walnut.  You can still reach us via the contact info on this site.  We will be rebuilding the salon at 722 W 2nd. and we look forward to sharing our new space with you!


All Adult Haircuts include Shampoo, Scalp Massage, and Style
Women $45+
Men $35-50
Children $25
Bang Trim $10
Curly/Deva $65
(Haircut, Shampoo, Ribboning, Style, and Hood Dry)
Premium Experience $60-100
(Haircut, Blow-out, Lesson, and Optional Aromatherapy)

Hair Repair
Deep Conditioning Treatment $40
-With Other Service $20
Malibu Treatment $45/Hour

Hair Styling
Shampoo and Style $35-65
Special Occasion $85
Bridal $125
Bridal Run-Through $65-85

Single Process $75
Partial Foil $85
Full Foil $105
Hair Painting (Balayage) Partial $100
Hair Painting (Balayage) Full $120
Men’s Custom Colour $15-45
Gloss/Toner/Base Break $25-60
Corrective Colour/Double Process/Fashion Colour $75/Hour

Traditional Curl or Body Wave $105
ARROJO American Wave $85/Hour
Hair Smoothing $85/Hour

Eyebrow $15
Lip $12
Brow and Lip $25
Ear/Nose $20
Full Face $30
Nape of Neck $20

Traditional/Formal $50-65
Airbrush $75
Make-up Lesson $60
False Lashes $20
NovaLash Fullset $175

All services include complimentary consultation.
Our base price is dependent upon your hair type and process which will be discussed during your consultation prior to service.


Gwynne Guthrie-Shively

Growing up in the Hoosier state, Gwynne always had an eclectic sense of style.  She found inspiration in music, art, fashion, and current cultural trends.  Gwynne dabbled in many different avenues of customer service, and found herself as a bridal consultant for many years.  This is where it clicked for her, she loved the glamour, fashion, the glow of the wedding experience.  This led her to relocate to Kansas City to pursue a career in apparel merchandising; she dove in, cultivating an impeccable eye for aesthetics and a increasing love for the arts in all forms.

The discovery of her talent for cosmetology came by chance, during a summer visit home to Indiana.  She was introduced to the owner of a small salon in Bloomington where she loved the atmosphere that encouraged expressing one’s natural creativity.   Since 2010 she has been building clients trust at the salon, first as a receptionist, then as an apprentice.  Shortly after finalizing her apprenticeship and moving to full-time stylist, Gwynne’s dream of owning a small business in her home state materialized.  She purchased Pendlebury Hair Studio and within a few years, our sister salon, Heritage Hair Studio was an happy addition.

Gwynne has a passion for continuing education, striving for both herself and her team to keep up with innovative methods and trends within the industry.  She has visited some the country’s most diverse cities for education.  Her extensive travel has allowed her to gain vast knowledge from some of the most talented artists in the hair biz.  To name a few, she has had specialized training for both cutting and colour from TIGI, Candy Shaw, Malibu C, and is ARROJO razor certified.

Throughout her life, Gwynne has been seeking new adventures, and this is the best phase yet. She is enjoying the balance of being a mother, business owner and stylist. Her husband, Ben is an integral part of her picture, with his IT mind and his tool belt on he can fix any situation, and we couldn’t do without his love for spreadsheets.  She loves the place she’s in, from the connection with her clientele, to nurturing the vision within each of her stylists and helping them achieve their artistic destiny.   “This industry found me, has captivated me, and I am delighted to have it as my career.”


Natalie Kremer

Natalie, a Bloomington native, loves to combine her thirst for knowledge with her passion for glamour.  As our salon brainiac, she received her BA in Sociology from Saint Louis University.  Although she loved her blossoming career, she felt as if something was missing from her life.  Natalie understands that what makes a person beautiful is when they believe that they are; with that, she decided to take the leap into cosmetology.

Natalie has attended a multitude of in-salon classes and traveled to Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Nashville for education. She has channeled her passion for education into becoming a colour educator herself. As a member of the TIGI Technical Collective, she travels to teach other stylists all about TIGI Copyright Colour.

Not only a colourist, Natalie is always excited to give life to each and every haircut, be it sleek bob, long layers, or playful pixie. As one of our resident curl experts, she’s also ready to embrace your curls.  Natalie has a deep love for all styles of makeup as well, from natural, to edgy, to glamorous.

Natalie enjoys using her artistic skills to create the perfect look for all ages and style tribes.  She has a classic and elegant aesthetic, and enjoys helping clients love the hair they have by teaching simple and easy ways to enhance one’s look at home.


Lauren Penrose

Lauren has been adventurous in her own self-expression since she was young, and knew that she wanted to help people portray their individuality.  From a small town, she was drawn to the culture and diversity of Bloomington and is happy that she has found this community a place to call home. She is inspired by her surroundings and spending time outdoors sparks her creativity and lends to her having a very relaxed and gentle energy.

Lauren believes that things often happen for a reason and people come to her chair for a one of a kind experience.  She enjoys cutting texture in hair, and creating lived-in looks that enhance your natural beauty.  Her interest in hair painting lead her to Atlanta to train with celebrity stylist, Candy Shaw, and become a certified balayage artist.  Lauren also has a background in color correction and took the next step with specialized Malibu C training.  As a curly girl herself, becoming a certified DevaCurl Stylist was an easy progression.  She has participated in a broad range of in-salon TIGI training for cutting and color techniques; as well multiple conferences in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Nashville.  With her versatile set of skills, she feels that the recipe for success is to always educate yourself and others.

Lauren’s creative spirit and natural eye for beauty turn every appointment into an experience.  Making people feel good is what this girl is all about.  Let Lauren’s passion shine through you!


Lindley King

Lindley started her artistic journey through fine arts, photography, sculpture, and really any medium she could get her hands on.   This love of all things art helped catapult her adventure into cosmetology.

Lindley feels inspired by culture and innovation.  Not only does she wear vivid hair colors, she specializes in avant garde hair coloring techniques and haircuts that provoke texture and movement.  She has been educated in classic cutting at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Chicago, and a men’s cutting course in Las Vegas.  She has also expanded her creativity through extensive in-salon training for cutting methods, color education, as well as traditional and airbrush make-up.  A highlight in her education was traveling to the ARROJO Academy in New York and becoming certified in American Wave.  In addition, Lindley has taken photo shoot and editorial workshops in Chicago and Las Vegas.  She has also had the pleasure of assisting multiple international hair artists and doing backstage work for various cosmetology conferences.  These experiences have encouraged her to pull inspiration from unique places.

Lindley enjoys all transformations, creating an array of looks from easygoing to the wild and unusual.  She uses all aspects of her passion for the arts to take what you’re envisioning and create your look behind the chair.  “Beauty to me is when a person feels confident in their internal individuality, and I enjoy helping them find and embrace that.”


Emily Hewitt

Emily is a people person who cultivates personal relationships with each of her clients.  She truly enjoys her career, from the daily personal connections to the opportunity to immerse herself in the art of hair, and making people feel beautiful.  This mixture leads to a lovely experience while in her chair.

In her youth, Emily worked in theater programs building sets and doing hair and makeup for the productions.  During this time she also built her eye for photography and visual arts.  She went on to college at ISU, where she worked as a receptionist at a hair salon.  She was inspired by that environment and yearned to grow in an atmosphere where people enjoyed their careers.  She decided to change course and enrolled in cosmetology.

Always one to be on a quest for personal improvement, continuing education has been an integral part of Emily’s life.  She worked closely under her mentor where she learned classic Vidal Sassoon cuts, advanced razor cutting and men’s cuts and style.  She traveled as far as California and New York, for education in highlighting and hair color as well as an intensive balayage workshop with Candy Shaw, in Atlanta.  Throughout her journey, Emily was drawn to the natural method of wearing your hair with texture and curl; and was at the forefront of this innovation where she became certified with the DevaCurl method.  Emily’s inherent understanding of symmetry led her to become skilled in make-up as well.  She has applied her artistry during many photo-shoots and has had her work published in local magazines, as well as online.

An Indiana native, Emily was drawn to Bloomington’s lively music and art scene.  Outside of the salon, she enjoys seeing live music, camping, hiking, and traveling with her family.  She loves raising her small children in such a liberal and diverse community and is happy to live and work in this great city!


Maya Smith, Manager

Maya grew up in an oasis in the heart of Indiana; where she enjoyed being immersed in a community of artists and free thinkers.  From a young age she was able to express herself through painting, photography, writing, sculpture, and theatre.  No doubt a people person, throughout her life, she has gravitated to all types, seeing beauty in all walks of life, and often finding herself the common thread in the tapestry of humanity.

Maya chose various avenues in an effort to find her path; some through higher learning, others through life experience.  She spent several years in the Chicago area and a few more on a small island off the coast of Florida. After starting a family, Maya returned to Indiana, in the hopes of offering her son the close connection to nature as well as the diversity that Bloomington has to offer.

After joining the salon she feels she has found her fit, a place where her skills are combined in perfect fusion.  In turn, the blending of varied experiences in her life have made her an asset for managing and marketing our salon.  With her natural eye for color, understanding of aesthetics and appreciation for the art of beauty she is at home amongst so many creative spirits. She enjoys building relationships and finding her flow within the community.  Maya nurtures the vision of the business; working closely with the owners, stylists, and receptionists to provide the guests with an unforgettable experience.


Pendlebury strives to connect and maintain a presence within and around the populace of Bloomington. Our hair studio embodies the ideal that giving is limitless. Since our opening in 2006, we’ve been involved with Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC), Cutters Soccer Club, People and Animal Learning Services Inc. (PALS), Cardinal Stage Company, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Middle Way House, the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, and Children’s Corner Cooperative Nursery School. We continuously seek opportunities to explore connections within Bloomington and the surrounding municipalities. Please contact us with any ideas or requests you may have in regard to donations or involvement.


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Friday:  9a-5p
Saturday:  10am-4pm
Closed Sunday

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